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Leslie León is a driven self-motivated individual.  When you meet her you will no doubt be taken in by her high positive energy.  She is the perfect storm of passion, dedication, and enthusiasm.  Leslie studied communications to pursue a position with a media and entertainment company.  But she changed direction and started working with professional athletes and entertainers at a Sports Management and Entertainment company. This company was a great fit for Leslie because she was exposed to all types of sports growing up, making her a sports enthusiast.  She developed a deep interest and love for boxing and football.  For over 10 years, Leslie has worked with athletes, celebrities and public figures in every realm of the sports and entertainment industry and goes above and beyond with a hands on approach.  In addition to her vast experience and knowledge of how the industry works, she has established relationships with various industry professionals to provide exceptional service for her clients.  Her dedication extends to Sports, Entertainment, Unique Brands, Corporate and VIP clientele as well.  




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